My name is Charlotte, and I live in Wellington with my son and our dog. I’m a homebody and a designer, and I’ve always been crafty. Although I’d upcycled a few pieces of furniture for myself in the past, it wasn’t until 2021 that I decided to start doing it for others too. What changed? Well, I built myself a tiny home in a bus. This meant two things: firstly, I got hooked on DIY, and learned many useful skills. Secondly, I didn’t have room to store or use furniture myself, but I wanted to keep working on DIY home decor projects.

So, Furniture Riot was born. I live in a house again now, but I’m obsessed with refurbishing furniture, and I can’t possibly keep it all. It’s my happy place. Most of my life, including my day job and other hobbies, involves being inside, usually sitting on a computer. It’s great to be outside, doing something physical and tangible. If I’m not working or hanging out with my kid, chances are I’m in the garage listening to endless podcasts while sanding or painting. I love taking old pieces of furniture that are so outdated and worn people just want them out of their house, and giving them some care and a whole new look. Before and After comparisons are so satisfying! (You can see a bunch on my portfolio page

I love the reuse ethos of furniture upcycling; taking something that may have otherwise been discarded or unappreciated, and giving it new life. I also love home decor that is unique and interesting, not from big chain stores. I regularly have pieces available to purchase, the best way to stay up to date is to follow me on Facebook. And if you have something that needs updating, perhaps something with that shiny orange look, or a piece of heirloom furniture that needs some care and attention, please email me or send me a message on Facebook, I’d love to help!